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Yoga Teacher Tune-Up

A continued education and mentorship program for yoga teachers

with Caitlin Pascucci & Sarah Diedrick

March 15-21, 2020 during Yoga Paradise Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Our mission is to foster a stronger sense of connection within the global teaching community; to gather together as a group of teachers who believe in continued education and are dedicated to building on skills that both deepen their own practice and allow them to more powerfully serve their local community and students.


Our intention is to offer yoga teachers - both new and seasoned - support and mentorship that will help sustain inspiration and build on necessary skill sets.


Why? We have found - through the years of our own teaching experience as well as hearing feedback from our teacher trainees - that what is highly desired is continued support that extends beyond the boundaries of teacher training. We learn, absorb and engage so immersively during teacher training that it can feel challenging to be birthed from the womb of teacher training and figure it all out on our own! Many questions may arise as we transition from the comfort of our training group to navigating the yoga world as new teachers. We want to create a resource that fills the gap between leaving teacher training and feeling confident in your role as a teacher. Even if you’ve found your groove, it’s crucial to maintain a heightened sense of inspiration and study through the support of a yoga teacher community.


Join a community of teachers with the shared desire of continuing their yoga studies and, in doing so, build your teacher toolbox.

Participating teachers have access to the following:

  • A daily theme/focus that allows us time to sift through all the layers of that theme (ex: assisting culture, crafting comprehensive sequences, refining your alignment cues, etc.)

  • Discussions around self care -- this will have more to do with why so many of us decided we love yoga in the first place, and will help preserve our appreciation for the practice. We teach from our own practice. So, the stronger we authentically connect to our own personal practice, the stronger our teaching will be. Self-care is a vital component of a sustainable teaching practice. We’ll dive into what self-care means and looks like within the context of serving others.

  • Content creation and inspiration. Exercises and templates that help you build a mini-manual you can draw from when you go back home.

  • Mentorship. You’ll have a chance for one-on-one time with Caitlin and Sarah to address more personalized questions you have. We will also help you refine your sequences, themes and more. We will be there for you the whole week to provide feedback, offer advice and personal experience as well as give you ideas for how to continue to expand on these areas once you get back home.


Here are the goods, in a nutshell:

  • Access to a mentor & more personalized guidance.

  • Feedback from your mentors and peers.

  • Practice refining: class sequences, alignment cues, themes, anatomy.

  • Important discussions and practice around topics, including: student/teacher relationships, intentional assisting, self-care, Tantric philosophy, how to build your business, etc.

  • Optional coursework to deepen your self-study between sessions.

  • Daily themes that help you focus on a specific component of teaching. Themes will be influenced by who joins the tune-up but may include:

    • business of yoga: refining your bio and mission statement.

    • assisting: hands-on adjustments and refining your assisting practice.

    • marketing: how to refine your writing for workshops/series/additional offerings & stay consistent with marketing.

    • language: voice, creating themes, refining alignment cues.

    • class planning: building intelligent sequences, organizing your classes, creating a structure.

Tuneup Add-On Dates + Pricing

​Program will take place 2 hours a day for 3 days (M/W/F) during the Yoga Paradise Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica from March 15-21.

Minimum 4 people required to run Tuneup program.

  • $150 early bird (before 1/1/2020) and/or Sangha Studio YTT graduates

  • $200 regular pricing (after 1/1/2020)

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