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Om at Foam
Weekly waterfront yoga followed by a beverage at foam brewers.

*join the Facebook Group for updates on class next summer!*


Calling all yoga and beer lovers! Join Caitlin Pascucci, E-RYT 200, for an hour of yoga followed a pour of your favorite Foam Brewers beer (other beverages available too!). The evening will begin with an all-levels yoga class down at the waterfront; enjoy beautiful lake views as you move through sun salutations and balance in tree pose. Then after you OM, Foam! Sip on your favorite beer after class, chat with new people, and enjoy the sunset from the patio. Happy summer, Burlington!

— Tuesdays, 6-7pm, meet at Waterfront Park! Refreshments to follow. Class continuing through September!
— $13 includes yoga class and a beverage (beer, kombucha, cider, or coffee). A portion of every sale supports Sangha Studio's mission and yoga service programs

A book club led by Sarah Diedrick and Caitlin Pascucci. Why? Because together we can learn, share, and deepen our understanding of our yoga practice through reading. Books may include genres of nonfiction philosophy, inspirational, biographies, meditation, spirituality, and anything else that is suggested by the group. Each month we will vote on the next month’s reading.


Suggested Donation: Suggested $5 to go towards snacks and beverages



15 mins: Get tea, get a pillow, and get cozy.

75 mins: Book discussion led by Caitlin and Sarah (prompts for discussion will be on a special Facebook event prior to the meeting if you want to come prepared)

30 mins: Wrap up, vote on next month’s book


Current month book: The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hahn

Previous books read:

  • The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts

  • Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Live With Purpose: Vision & Goals Workshop

An afternoon of vision and goal setting --- to start the new year, check in mid-way, or just see where you're at with your goals. I can't recommend this workshop enough.  Participating in this workshop the last few years inspired me to host a workshop myself. Seeing my goals everyday has changed what I've chosen to persue in my career and personal life. Workshops can be for any group size.


As the community at Sangha Studio grows, so does our outreach. Our connection within the local teaching community is getting larger and larger each month. We recognize this and want to harness this connection to grow and learn together. And so…Yoga Teacher Meetup was born..


Each meetup is designed to be an open, confidential space to ask questions and process through anything that may be going on for you or within the yoga teaching community. Each meetup will have a focus for discussion but is intended to be a place where things even outside the topic can be brought up. As a teacher, we will all share what we know and ask what we want to learn.


All meetups are donation-based and run around two hours. Meetup will start with 30 minutes of meet and mingling, 45 minutes of discussion, and 45 minutes of workshop. Everyone is invited to bring anything they would like to share – readings, workshops they are hosting, snacks, drinks, etc. We look forward to growing our teaching sangha with you.


Occurs monthly at Sangha Studio. See Sangha Studio's website for dates. Online options available via Google Hangout.

Assisting 101 Workshop
"A hug, pat on the back, and even a friendly handshake are processed by the reward center in the central nervous system, which is why they can have a powerful impact on the human psyche, making us feel happiness and joy… “
Do you teach yoga? Do you love when you’re in a class and get a deep assist that melts your body in the pose?
Assisting 101 is geared towards new yoga teachers, curious yoga students or anyone wanting to become more comfortable and confident in their assisting technique. We will talk about movements of the spine, physical principles that can be applied to various classes of asana, finding lines of energy in each pose, and how to assist those lines to bring a student deeper into the pose. We will explore techniques for protecting our own bodies as the teacher and learning what works best for each of us. This workshop will start with a short flow to warm up our bodies, but much of the workshop will be based around discussion and breakout practice. By the end of this workshop, you should feel confident in your assisting skills so that you can bring added value to your classes and deepen your personal practice as a yoga student. Atendees should bring a notebook. Photos will be taken are shared privately online following the workshop to serve as a reference point.
(a workshop about
going deeper)
Advanced Asana is a workshop on advancing the physical (asana) yoga practice by breaking down the basics and understanding alignment, working on jump-throughs, press-ups and creative transitions. We will learn what the bandhas are and how to effectively use them in our practice and explore breathing techniques, both of which can allow us to go deeper in the mind and body, We will combine these elements with the hopes that each participant will find their own fluidity to their practice and bring it to the next level. Participants should be comfortable practicing inversions, even if you cannot balance away from the wall yet,
(an arm balance workshop)

In this workshop we will explore arm balances from crow to formidable and the techniques for bringing weightlessness and ease to balancing. We will use breath and control to allow balances to help cultivate a single minded focus and awareness in our lives. Fresh juice will be served after class. No prior arm balance experience needed.

(how to build a home practice)

This workshop will focus on the asana portion from the Beyond the Mat Retreat. We will discuss how to develop a home practice space and basic sequencing principles in relation to body mechanics and alignment.  During the workshop, each particpant will develop a 15 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minute sequence of postures based on the principles presented. The goal is to leave feeling prepared for a safe and effective regular home practice.


"Your body's just a vehicle, transporting the soul. It's what's inside of people, is beauty to behold." -Damian Marley


Reggae flow is an all-levels class set to the vibrations of feel-good reggae music. Often accompanied by a live DJ. 

(a workshop for beginners)
Meditation Made Easy is an introduction to meditation basics, techniques, and beginner practices. This workshop is all about finding what style of meditation works for you: how to sit/stand/etc., music or not, breathing techniques, ways to focus the mind, etc. The goal at the end of this workshop is that each participant has the main elements to begin a regular meditation practice and the excitement to explore the many different ways to meditate. Through this practice, we can all find what works for each of us and train the mind.
Rest & Unwind: A Benefit for Story Yoga

Move4recovery is Story Yoga's monthly fundraiser to move, sweat, and connect with community. Each month is a different donation based movement class taught by rotating instructors to raise funds to support Story Yoga's mission. 


October's class: Rest & Unwind: a benefit for Story Yoga with Caitlin Pascucci. A spa-based yoga class to help you rest from what may have been a busy week and help you unwind moving into the weekend ahead. In class you can expect grounded postures, long holds, essential oils, massage-y assists, and an extra special treat....chocolate! Let's slow dowwwwwwwn.

Suggested Donation: $10-$15 / all proceeds benefited Story Yoga

Fluid Transitions
& Yoga Nidra Class

Fluid Transitions is flow-shop style class that is about taking our physical (asana) practice to the next level. We will work on creative transitions that involve arm balances, jump-throughs, and inversions. We will explore breathing techniques and discuss the bandhas and how to effectively use these tools in our practice. Combining these elements, the goal of this class is that that each participant will be one step closer to finding their own intuitive flow and deepening their practice. Class will end with an extended savasana and guided yoga nidra meditation.

This class will move beyond basic alignment cues. To get the most physically out of this class, participants should be comfortable with warrior poses, chaturanga alignment, and crow pose. Not wanting to be as physical but still want to come? Join in, practice what you wish, ask questions, and be a part of it.

A flow-style yoga class with Caitlin Pascucci set to the set list of Justin Bieber's "Purpose" World Tour. Singing and dancing highly encouraged.

Rock Your Yoga
Recurring. Check Facebook or the Events page for details on the current event's information.
Do you like yoga?
Do you like live music?
Do you like things that smell amazing?
Do you like fresh juice?
If you like all of that then you are going to LOVE Rock Your Yoga presented by Sangha Studio and Sunny Weathers Presents. We’re going to get you high from the inside out.
What: Gentle yoga taught by Caitlin Pascucci, live music (artist rotates monthly), often aromatherapy by Lunaroma, guided meditation led by Taraleigh Weathers and SAP! beverages or fresh juice from The JuiceBox.
$20 includes yoga class, live music, and beverages --- and 100% of the proceeds support Sangha Studio's service programs!
Getting Stuff Done Work Party



So many of us work for ourselves. We want to create and support an intention and collective work space for us all the be creative in! So, work parties were born! A place to share, create, and be productive together. Bring your laptop/iPad/tablet/journal/notebook. We'll pull out the bolsters and pillows and create lots of comfortablr work spaces for you to use. 


Sample Agenda:

15 mins: Arrive. Get tea, get a pillow, and pull out your work.

15 mins: Gather in circle, set intentions for the hour, meditate, etc.

60 mins: Work it!

15 mins: Gather in circle, celebrate our accomplishments, 

15 mins: Mingle and pack up.

Festival Flow
(Outside yoga
at music shows)
Because if you're going to dance hard, you've got to warm up first! These classes are often hosted outside at the music venue to live, acoustic music. Music can be part of the event or coordinated by Caitlin. Classes are true to all of Caitlin;s flow classes and offer up what is needed based on the event. That might mean a lively, upbeat, pre-show flow class or a slowed-down morning after flow. 
Intermediate Inversions Workshop

In this workshop, we'll begin with a warming flow and then work progressively toward intermediate inversions and variations on these postures. Through this workshop we will look at variations for many inversions and learn how to use props and assists to deepen our inversion practice safely and effectively. We will learn how to gain control, begin to understand the pivot point in our bodies, and focus on breath control while upside down. Participants can expect to practice poses including Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand) and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand). This workshop is geared toward people who have a comfortable Bakasana (Crow Pose) practice and have been playing with kicking into Handstand against a wall. This workshop is designed to bring confidence to balancing in the center of the room and finding comfort in exploring variations.

Advanced Assisting Workshop
"A hug, pat on the back, and even a friendly handshake are processed by the reward center in the central nervous system, which is why they can have a powerful impact on the human psyche, making us feel happiness and joy… “
Do you teach yoga? Do you love when you’re in a class and get a deep assist that melts your body in the pose?

This workshop will build off the skills learned in Assisting 101. This workshop is geared toward teachers who have been assisting regularly in class, new teachers who have a deeper understanding of anatomy, or anyone who attended Assisting 101. Similar to Assisting 101 this workshop will start with a short flow to warm our bodies but will be largely discussion-based.


We will focus on assisting inversions, balancing poses, and those students who have a more advanced practice. We will explore assisting students with hyper flexibility, injury, pregnancy, and more. At the end of this workshop the goal is for each attendee to be able to scan a class and assist different body types and levels in multiple postures with confidence. Attendees should bring a notebook. Photos will be taken are shared privately online following the workshop to serve as a reference point.

(an inversion workshop)

Come learn to balance upside down! Inversions take patience and practice to learn, but there are key elements that will help you gain control during this process. In this workshop we will learn how to gain control, begin to understand the pivot point in our bodies, and focus on breath control while upside down. Get ready for handstand selfies! No inversion experience needed.


Painted Yoga!
make your own artwork while you move. 

Join in for a PAINTED YOGA flow class with body paint, black lights, and a playlist you won't forget! We’ll warm up on the mat and then add paint to create your own work of art! How does it work exactly? After we warm up, each participant gets a canvas the size of their yoga mat and 3 paint colors. We’ll continue to move, this time on the canvas with the paint. Each asana will allow the paint to move on the canvas --- creating your very own mat-sized work of art! Class will be 75 minutes total. After class, you’ll have time to finalize your artwork, grab a drink, and Paint & Sip yoga-style!


More details:

* Includes all painting supplies

* Bring your own towel and dry, warm clothes to change in to

* Be sure to wear clothes that you are ok not wearing again!

* They will get paint on them.

* Paint is non-toxic

* Bring your own yoga mat if possible (it will not get paint on it)

* Pre-registration required (for supply purposes)



* Ticket price: $35 per person (based on supplies cost)

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