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Online Programs:
For Teachers and Students


Online programs were developed for 2 reasons.


1) I miss people when they come to class and then move away! We learn and grow together in class, but life happens and people move. So, as a way to stay connected and to keep practicing together -- there is an online student option.


2) As I went from working in a full time 9-5 job to teaching more and more and eventually opening a yoga studio, a lot was learned along the way. Through this I realized that I love sharing these nuggets of knowledge and helping to grow the student base of teachers. I see so many teachers come out of trainings and want to get out there and teach yoga and share all the beautiful things they've just learned. This is wonderful -- but we all have bills to pay and a life to live. So the online program for teachers was created.

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For Teachers:
Steps to Grow Your Yoga Teaching Business
$25 / Month

The online program for teachers is called the Teacher Tribe. The goal of this program is to reach a place in our teaching and lives where we can all sustain our businesses and self care simultaneously.


I see so many teachers reach a burn out point because of the "hustle" feeling of teaching too many classes, too many days a week. They lose time for their own practice. They get uninspired to find new materials to share in class. And eventually they teach less classes, or stop teaching all together. THIS CAN CHANGE. You CAN teach yoga AND make a living.


The Teacher Tribe program is designed to be a support group, offer business advice, and ways to grow yourself personally and professionally. This is a place for feedback and to ask questions. It is a place to meet and connect and to share your ideas and support the ideas of others.


WANT TO JOIN? Click below.




The Teacher Tribe program is done on a monthly basis, starting the 1st of each month.


Participating teachers have access to the following each month:

  • Each month will have a monthly theme/focus that all work through the month revolves around (ex: social media)

  • A secret Facebook group to post questions and interact with other teachers

  • Monthly homework for your business -- this will be a task (ex: start up or increase social media usage). Each homework assignment will involve unique ways to develop and grow while also maintaining the individuality you want to portray

  • Monthly homework for your self care -- this will have more to do with why so many of us decided we love yoga in the first place, and will help us maintain our own practice

  • A monthly group phone call relating to the monthly theme. Participants can call in live. All calls will be recorded and emailed to that month's participants at the end of the call

  • A suggested book of the month, so as to keep our minds thinking and inspiration flowing

  • A consistent place for questions and feedback as they arise




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For Students:
Beyond the Mat 
the Online Program
$25 / Month
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For Students:
Drop-In Class
join for a Single Class online 
$8 / Class

Join for a single online class. After purchasing, a class video will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  The video is filmed to show 1 person on the screen for demo purposes. You will be able to keep this link and watch as many times as you would like. For each class purchase you will have access to a different class.  


As online classes grow, the option to call into a class and participant during class will be available. Check back for details.



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