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What is Fluid Yoga?


Fluid Yoga®: “Fluid Yoga: Intelligent by Design, Fluid by Nature ~ Fluid: is a substance that continually flows under an applied stress; smooth, flowing, graceful….Fluid is not a style, it is a recognition of life as ever changing, flowing from one moment to the next. It’s a way of life.” - Stil Studio

What is the FLUID YOGA style like? Fluid Yoga® is a dynamic vinyasa flow. Nyasa denotes “to place” and vi denotes “in a special way.” Fluid Yoga places attention in a mindful way on breath and movement. It incorporates organic and intuitive flows while emphasizing continual movement throughout the mindful practice to build endurance, flexibility, strength and a clear mind. Fluid will both challenge and evolve your practice if you come with an open mind and mindful approach.

To learn more about Fluid Yoga check out Stil Studio and yoga instructor Kevan Gale, or watch the video below for a short home practice based in Fluid Yoga!

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