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Bodhi & Mind: Yoga for Recovery


bodhi & mind yoga offers physical, mental, and emotional support to women in every stage of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Each program participant, or bodhi, is paired with a local yoga instructor who commits to provide one-on-one yoga and meditation practice for at least one hour each week over the course of a year, free of charge. One-on-one practices occur at local yoga studios, hospitals, and at the bodhi’s home. Group yoga and meditation practices are also available as a means to further build and extend the support community.


The physical practice of yoga is used to maintain energy, strength, and flexibility throughout treatment. Specially trained certified yoga instructors tailor each one-on-one session to address the relevant side effects of breast cancer treatment and meet the unique needs of the bodhi. Meditation and breathing exercises are used to relieve anxiety and depression, encourage a positive mental outlook, and foster spiritual strength and resilience.


In the fall of 2014, Caitlin completed bodhi & mind’s training program.

Interested in working with Caitlin as a bodhi? Email her at to start a conversation!



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