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About Me

Caitlin began consistently practicing yoga in 2011 at a free class in a community space. It was this unconventional beginning that has led to an unconventional path of teaching and studio management.


In 2012 Caitlin pursued her first yoga certification at Fluid Yoga with Kevan Gale (located at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA). She began teaching donation-based classes regularly and in 2014 she founded Sangha Studio, Vermont’s first and only nonprofit, donation-based yoga studio. Today, Caitlin teaches regularly and is Co-Executive Director at Sangha Studio alongside Claire Pascal. She prides herself in supporting the individuality of teachers and students and believes in the power of community, connection, and collaboration. 


During her classes, Caitlin hopes to create a space where students feel like they belong. Throughout class she hopes to deepen each student’s individual physical practice through hands-on adjustments and assists, precise alignment cues, and creative sequencing. Her classes encourage students to get to know each other, challenge their way of thinking, cultivate awareness of the breath/body connection, and build strength. On a deeper level she hopes that her classes open the doors of self-inquiry that allow students to feel connected to themselves and the world around them. 

You can take classes with Caitlin at Sangha Studio in Burlington, VT. Or on occasion on a regional or international retreat.


This photo was taken exactly 1 year after the idea for Sangha Studio was given to me. I feel so grateful and blessed.

My HOME. Also known as Sangha Studio.

Our group photo from the first Beyond the Mat Retreat. Because why WOULDN'T we all do a super yoga selfie?

Spending a smoothie break with Sarah Diedrick as we plan our evening yoga class at the Beyond the Mat Costa Rica retreat

Thanks to Ali Kaukas for this picture!

When in New York...

We made it to Wanderlust Stratton! What a fun and inspiring weekend!

Outdoor yoga at Oakledge Park

At parties, we do Acro Yoga... This was at the Seven Daysies celebration party in 2014. SO FUN.

Check out Sangha Studio to learn a whole lot more!

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