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I am so glad you landed here. 

While I haven't figured out the most eloquent way of putting together a mission statement for why I teach and run a studio, what I do know is what's in my heart. And what that is is that I want anyone and everyone who wants to practice yoga, to be able to practice yoga just as they are. I believe that we all just want to be seen, heard, and loved — and that that shouldn't be complicated. I believe that yoga teachers have a beautiful opportunity to do this work. I believe that community, connection, and belonging have turned into buzzwords but that if we can honor by the true meaning of these words, that they can change the world. I look forward to meeting you and practicing together. 

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"Caitlin Pascucci founded Sangha Studio—Vermont’s first and only donation-based yoga studio—when she was just 25. Now, three years later, 28-year-old Pascucci continues to serve as Director and a teacher at Sangha..." [Read More]


“Every time I walk in those doors,
it feels like home.”

— Student, Allison, in reference to talking about Sangha Studio

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